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What a great training ground – with over 400 acres of beautiful, rugged terrain, and with endless kilometers of short and long cross-country trails.  And what a great environment for a bike camp, with lakeside land, bordered by rich forests and wetlands.  At Camp Akomak, an Ontario-based all girls sports camp, bike training becomes an integral part of the challenging programming, using one of our 25 mountain bikes.

As one of Ontario’s premier all-girls sports camps, Camp Akomak combines rich camp experiences with beautiful memories and long lasting friendships.  Our programming and training philosophy is focused around competitive sports - building character, promoting goal setting, and developing leadership skills.  We are all about personal empowerment.  This is not something you’ll find at your average camp.

With amazing, professional staff, and sports activities that are unequalled in the region, Camp Akomak has created an environment that is designed to nurture the talents and capacities that each camper already has, but perhaps didn’t realize.  With no exposure to electronic distractions (and devices), mind and body are given the freedom to grow, and when that happens, remarkable personal character emerges.

Whether it’s the bike camp, or any of the 25 other sports and activities at Camp Akomak, we believe in the “all girl” camp environment - it’s critical to the success of our programs. Our girls are given the opportunity of developing their skills, without being judged by the opposite sex.  And regardless of personal skill level or body type, every girl can succeed in a supportive and empowering environment, without feeling self-conscious.

At Camp Akomak, we think we have the best staff in Canada.   We have the best trainers, as well as visiting professional coaches, many of whom are nationally ranked.  And we believe that there is no better facility for girls than can advance and improve their skills.  We challenge our campers, we inspire them, and we empower them in everything that they do.  It’s our proven formula for success.  

At its heart, Camp Akomak is a sports camp, so beyond the biking and cycling there are numerous water and land sports, and of course, the regular camp traditions familiar to all:  campfire gatherings; performance evenings; wilderness outings; and more.  We have well-maintained rustic cabins, with bunk beds and hot showers, and NO electricity – it’s the genuine camping experience.

Campers enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, and our professional chef can usually accommodate most of today’s dietary restrictions.  And while sports and physical activity are pivotal to our programming, we have not forgotten about having FUN.  Our “play filled” programming helps campers to realize that success is a direct result of time and effort, and it all shapes self-esteem.  In short, achievement is achievable.

At Camp Akomak, self-confidence and self-esteem are realized when personal challenges are transcended - whether the challenge is a dose of homesickness or trying to complete a grueling triathlon.  The Akomak experience cultivates a camper’s personal talents, builds relationships that are meaningful, and engenders the kind of leadership skills that last a lifetime.  And its all under the banner of an all-girls camp environment

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Camp AkOMak


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