Competitive Swimming Camp

Games and sports are essential part of life. Boys and girls are performing in games to an extraordinary extent. Sports keep one healthy and fit. As nowadays, summer season is at its peak and summer vacations have been start, so why don’t you keep your children busy in any healthy activity. Swimming is one of the best games in the world. It consumes lot of energy and strength. That’s why it a good source to gain the stamina. In the summer days, when one feels hot, cold water of swimming pool can make one fresh and active.

Camp-Ak-O-Mak offers a golden opportunity for your girls to kick out the laziness and join our camp. Our Competitive Swim Camp offers an immense variety of entertainment. We have a proper schedule to follow due to which we make our girls energetic and lively.

Our Competitive Swim Camp offers a wonderful chance to learn sportsmanship, leadership qualities and discipline. By espousing the rules and policies of the Competitive Swim Camp, you will feel the difference in the mental and physical strength of your beloved daughters. It is a great time to build a strong character with high morale.

During the stay at any adventurous location, the Competitive Swim Camp will provide good quality services to the girls. In the meals, we offer the food full of energy. As we know that our young girls need superabundance of energy, so we give you multiple types of food. One doesn’t need to worry about the meal.

It is a common observation that students become so sluggish during summer vacations. Our Competitive Swim Camp has designed an active and busy schedule with full of fun. In the morning, Competitive Swim Camp wakes the girls up at 7:15am. After that, they all have to go for swimming. Then breakfast time comes. In the breakfast Competitive Swim Camp gives the option of both hot and cold dishes. After listening about the schedule of the whole day, girls commence with different any activity. At 1:00 pm, the Competitive Swim Camp serves the girls with  a delicious lunch. There are multiple options including pizza and fruits. Girls are also allowed to visit the tuck shop, if they want something of their own choice.

Now the girls have to start with afternoon activities. After that, girls have their dinner to satisfy their appetite. In the dinner, Competitive Swim Camp serves appetizers. Soup, salad and barbeque chicken are included in the variety of dinner. During the stay of the girls, their camps are inspected by the staff of Competitive Swim Camp. This inspection develops a habit in the girls to organize the things.

In short, one can say that our Competitive Swim Camp is one of the best in the country. We have an organized schedule to energize the girls. Girls develop high morale and characteristics of team work and courage are brushed up. So, if you want your daughters to be happy on vacation, get them registered now.

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak


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