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Camp Akomak is one of Ontario’s premier all-girls sports camps, with more than 400 acres of beautiful terrain and with countless kilometers of cross-country trails.  As a cycling camp, the environment is ideal, and with 25 professional mountain bikes, individual training is part and parcel of the overall sports programming.  Programming is primarily focused on the competitive sports, and includes leadership development skills, goal-setting concepts, and positive personal empowerment.  This is our unique approach, and not something that you’ll find at other camps.

Camp Akomak also embraces traditional camp experiences, with the memories and friendships that result.  We have a superb professional staff, and a range of sports activities that are without compare in Ontario.  Camp management has fashioned an environment designed to cultivate the skills and talents of each camper, and bring attention to personal strengths that may have gone unnoticed.  There are NO electronic distractions (or devices), and personal growth develops on a whole new plane, and with amazing character maturity.

With over two-dozen sports and related activities on offer, the cycling camp at Camp Akomak is only one component of the “all girl” camp environment.  Our young women are developing their skills and talents on an ongoing basis, and doing it without judgment from the opposite sex.  At our camp, every girl thrives in the supportive environment, and without feeling self-conscious.  We don’t think there’s a better facility where girls can enhance and improve their skills - we challenge them; we inspire them; and we empower them in all that they do.  

Camp Akomak is a sports camp at heart, and in addition to biking and cycling there are water and land sports to suit every passion.  We have some of the best coaching staff in Canada, as well as visiting coaches who are ranked nationally.  But beyond the specific sports focus, we also offer the more traditional camp activities:  like wilderness trips; campfire get-togethers; and various performance nights.   Our campers are treated to nutritious home-cooked meals, and our skilled chef manages unique dietary restrictions in a professional manner.

Campers at Camp Akomak reside in rustic cabins with bunk beds and hot showers.  Everything is well maintained, and in keeping with the genuine camp experience, there is NO electricity.  And although sports and physical activities are the focus of our programs, personal development is a close second.  We promote self-esteem and self-confidence in everything that we do, and we try our utmost to encourage each camper’s personal growth.  The camp experience serves to build strong leadership skills, and create genuine relationships that long lasting.

Overall, we believe that the “all-girl” environment at Camp Akomak is vital to the success of our programs.  It’s an environment that allows our young women to develop themselves without the external pressure of being judged by the opposite sex.  Girls with varying levels of skills and body types can attain their goals in a supportive, encouraging environment.  And regardless of their physical or emotional stage of life, they don’t have to feel self-conscious about anything they do.  For many girls, this might well be the first experience of its kind.

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Camp AkOMak


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