Experience Nature at Summer Sports Camp

Remember the days when kids used to play outside all summer?...When being called for dinner was routinely met with pleas to remain outside "for just another five minutes?"

Today,  kids are more likely to be distracted by what’s inside the house, rather than outside.  Computers, iPads, music, magazines and makeup often trump the lure of Mother Nature with our "Gen-Z'rs" and many run the risk of experiencing something called "Nature Deficit Disorder" a phrase penned by author Richard Louv in his 2005 bestseller, "Last Child in the Woods".

So, what is a parent to do, especially since family schedules are already filled to capacity? The answer is summer sports camp for girls!>

Summer sports camp remains the ideal  way for girls to live and be physically active in the great outdoors where they will experience the beauty of nature in many ways.

>Although natural for some girls to be initially hesitant about  summer sports camp, most find the promise of cabin living with friends and exciting activities at Ak-O-Mak too hard to resist! Most girls never look back!

Camp Ak-O-Mak is “un-plugged”, providing a camp experience free from cell phones, internet, or T.V.  Unburdened and undistracted by electronics, girls attend to each other, to their goals and activities as well the beautiful wilderness around them. Parents love it!! (Campers do too...after their initial "withdrawal").

Camp AK-O-Mak girls are 7-16 years old and represent a variety of athletic abilities from novice to experienced. They do, however, share a common characteristic: they love playing outside!   There is no better place than lakeside at summer camp for learning or experiencing new sports and activities. Ak-O-Mak offers a variety of activities featuring both land and water sports such as swimming, triathlon, paddling, biking, tennis, running and more. Ak-O-Mak girls have fun OUTDOORS while they hone their skills in their favourite sports. We use our 400 acre wilderness setting as our "playground"... the scenic paths through the woods, the private-bay waterfront and the terrain for biking. Beautiful  tennis/beach volleyball & basketball courts garner lots of use in addition to our soccer field. Swimmers develop their skills in 50 m and 25 m pools built into the lake! There is nothing like a swim practice under the sun, chlorine-free.

The fun at camp continues even after dinner with a crazy games on the back field or a campfire sing-along with friends, watching the sun set below the trees. What a joy to see the Milky Way on a starry night or hear the loon call across the lake.  It is from a canoe on a quiet morning that you might spy the family of minks or the great blue heron along the shoreline.  Our summer camp lives in harmony with nature and is a beautiful experience, one which your daughter will never forget.

One of the greatest experiences we can give our children is a summer spent playing and being challenged outdoors, surrounded by the splendor of nature. You will see your daughter grow in so many positive ways.  She will just thank you for "the BEST summer EVER!"

Visit our website at www.campakomak.com to learn more about  Camp Ak-O-Mak and view the videos of the wonderful natural setting that surrounds us.

We would love to welcome your daughter this summer at Camp Ak-O-Mak, where the last thing on her mind will be the internet!

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak


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