Why Fostering Team Spirit at Summer Camp is Important

Community is essential at camp Ak-O-Mak.  And, in order to build a community where all girls are willing to take risks and work through struggles, we foster team spirit.  There is no doubt that a team ? multiple individuals working towards a common goal ? can always outdo a lone wolf. Camp Ak-O-Mak believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that our campers will be excited and ready to collaborate in a positive way. Through our summer camp schedule, your daughter will have plenty of opportunities for collaboration. We offer daily team competitions and team building activities both during activity-time and leisure-time. Girls compete in triathlons, paddling regattas, soccer matches, and softball games; they sit on each other's bunks and play card games and create cabin skits.  From sports games to group cycling to cabin bonding, our experienced coaches and counselors will help your daughter collaborate with her teammates and cabin mates.  Our coaches and staff are able to identify and personalize every camper's experience according to her needs and personal goals.

Moreover, team spirit is also established through friendship with your daughter’s peers. Strong team spirit from our campers means that they are always cheering each other on, singing songs in the mainhouse,  and boosting the group’s morale. Your daughter's Ak-O-Mak "team" will help her overcome homesickness, break mental barriers, and boost her spirit. Team spirit will also allow your daughter to discover the power of communication: with her peers, her counselors, and with coaches.  A great team provides young children with a safety net and safe space that encourages them to grapple with conflicts,  be more open and accepting of differences, and take risks.  When a camper knows, really knows, that the whole camp community supports her, she will begin the journey of self-discovery.

Team spirit is the backbone of self-discovery. Through teamwork, your daughter will be able to build her leadership skills and learn about her strengths or weaknesses. What she lacks, her teammates can compensate for. Where she excels, the team will benefit. Sports can be one of the best ways to increase confidence in girls. She will learn to advocate for herself throughout the course of camp.  We love seeing how our campers experience higher self confidence as the summer progresses, while working on her skills in a supportive environment.

Simply stated, we create community, foster team spirit, and celebrate collaboration.  These skills -essential to both the professional and personal aspects of life-- learned early, set Ak-O-Mak girls up for success through adolescence and adulthood. 

Camp Ak-O-Mak is an all-girls sports camp that offers more than 25 sports activities. Founded in 1928, we  were one of the first swimming and sports camp for girls. We strive to build girls' self-esteem, and we strive to build both their connection to and respect for their community, their "team."   If you’re interested in enrolling your daughter in our summer program or in getting more information, feel free to contact us by phone at 416-427-3171 or by emailing Dianne at dianne@campakomak.com.


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