Girl’s Bike Training - Blazing Trails at Camp Akomak!

Camp Akomak offers girl’s bike training, in the settings of our scenic camp grounds, cycling alongside the pristine lake shores and the lushly dense forestry, that is part of our rich heritage of natural resources in Ontario. Our compelling approach to the social and athletic development of girls, reaches far beyond both conventional sports camp methods and personal training.

We have always had a strong and fervent passion at Camp Akomak, towards the profound importance of instilling the correct values into girls and delivering them the elements required in achieving womanhood, as well adjusted, triumphantly confident and unquestionably distinguished members of society. 

Our girls in bike training, receive the same time-perfected, fine-tuned and challengingly intensive regimens, that along with the love and dedication to female empowerment and personal advancement, have formed the foundations of Camp Akomak in 1928. Since then and with each rising generation of girls, our staff have implemented further contemporary advancements to our overall regimen, without allowing the off-putting attitudes, effecting today’s youth through electronic technologies, to disassociate our campers, from their true purpose and incentives. 

The distraction and detachments which can incur through such devices as cell phones and computers, would essentially rob campers of the focus and enthusiastic pursuit, towards the physical, mental and social embellishments, we restlessly strive towards granting - each of our attendees. Combining the premium nutritional values of our chef-prepared homemade meals, along with the empowering attitude we employ as a staff and guiding hand, falls into perfect place with our unceasingly demanding standards, in sportsmanship and athleticism. 

Whether the girls are bike training towards more minor pursuits of personal improvement and stamina or seek rather major implications to their bike training, such as triathlon participation and high caliber cycling capabilities, Camp Akomak accepts and cheerfully encourages girls, to lack nothing but doubt - in the face of their challenges and pursuits. 

Girl’s bike training, or athletic  development alone, is never the main goal at Camp Akomak. It is through the activity of sport and physical endurance, that we implement skills and personal traits, such as leadership, team work, pride and social empowerment, that infuse with the already multi-faceted and uniquely dimensional personalities - in each and every one of our girls.

Girls bike training together, across the fertile splendors or our 400+ acre camp lands, prove time and time again, to bring out the best in each camper, granting a birthplace for truly long-lasting and meaningful relationships between the girls. 

Friendships carrying substance and withstanding in strength - made in the most compelling and genuine of circumstances!

Our staff here at Camp Akomak are comprised of Akomak patrons, and passionate camp counsellors, all comprehensively inclined within the academics of physical health, nutritional development and social/behavioral sciences.

Our resources in the quality treatment, training and proper development for girls, stretch far beyond that which is employed by bike training facilities and other athletic development camps. 

Camp Akomak has gone the extra mile for decades and will ceaselessly continue to do so, in setting the highest standards within the field!

Our girls receive the very best and triumphantly propel through life - knowing they deserve the very best, every step along the way! 

Contact us today to ask about our girl’s bike training courses and see what it means to embark on a journey - that goes far beyond the bike trail!

Let The Games Begin!

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