All Girls Camp Can Be Instrumental In Building Strong Leadership Skills

Today, it’s not uncommon for girls to feel the pressure of societal expectations, whether about physical appearance or social behaviour. For many, it has a deleterious effect, causing self-esteem issues that can be damaging. This is where an all girl camp can be so influential, building strong leadership skills and enhancing personal confidence.

Camp professionals agree that the sooner young girls are educated about self-worth and personal value, the better. That’s something that can be easily achieved at an all girls camp. And it’s also an ideal environment for combatting some of those societal pressures before a young girl reaches adulthood. All of these life lessons are long lasting.

At Camp Ak-O-Mak, an all girls camp in Ontario, summer is focused on building personal character, and developing leadership skills. It’s all about fostering personal empowerment through sports, teamwork, and collaboration. Indeed, the full range of camp activities inspire the young women with a new wisdom of the world around them.

Camp Ak-O-Mak allows campers to cultivate their personal character and enhance self-realization. It’s all achieved in a supportive environment where young women can explore common interests and issues, without any of the typical outside influences. Campers learn more about themselves, about their relationships, and simply about life.

As an all girl camp, Ak-O-Mak is free of electronic “diversions”. Throughout the summer, there are no computers or cell phones, and therefore no outside distractions. With the support of camp counsellors and colleagues, girls can focus on meeting new friends, cultivating new friendships, or strengthening previous relationships.

In small groups or large, campers learn about leadership skills and teamwork, especially through sports activities. In fact, sports participation is integral to building self-discipline, while fostering fellowship and fair play. Even the traditional camp activities contribute to personal development, with campers eager to be part of the whole.

Camp Ak-O-Mak also places an emphasis on competitive sports – with a focus on setting goals and building leadership skills. And while campers engage in a chosen sport, there is also a competitive spirit that emerges naturally. Training and coaching, by retired Olympians, inspires campers, and engenders the essence of sportsmanship.

The Camp Ak-O-Mak experience

Camp Ak-O-Mak attracts campers from around the world, and with a diversity of backgrounds. The girls partake in a camp experience that leaves them with lifetime memories. From ages 7 to 16, the girls are engaged in both competitive and instructional programs that include swimming, triathlon, kayak racing, biking and much more.

The camp setting is authentic and rustic - a wilderness setting with accommodation in wooden cabins (and no electricity). It’s the type of experience that helps campers to appreciate the beauty of nature, without any of the everyday distractions in the outside world. For many of the girls, it may well be the first time they experience this.

Accredited by the Ontario Camps Association and Canadian Camping Association, the programs and facilities at Camp Ak-O-Mak continue to be at a high standard. For more information, visit the website at or call 416-427-3171.

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