Camp Fosters Independence & Self-Reliance at an Early Age

Do you have a young daughter and you want her to start engaging in the outdoor world but you’re not sure how to do that? Well Camp Ak-O-Mak is the perfect destination for young girls. An Ontario all girls sports camp is what makes Camp Ak-O-Mak the place to be. It highlights a camp that is highly regarded for its sports activities only for girls. Located 300 km north of Toronto, this camp offers girls that are 7-16 years old. The activities are fun and exercise worthy.

Some of the activities include swimming, and even biking. If you have an athletic daughter, then this is the perfect place for her to spend her summer. Camp Ak-O-Mak is proud to have a setting that provides a unique experience where one can escape from technology. Best of all, Camp Ak-O-Mak offers an experience to assist campers with expanding and immersing their desire for nature and the outdoor world.

Gaining Self-Reliance Through Camp Sportsontario sports camp leadership independence sports activities volleyball

Many of the activities at Camp Ak-O-Mak focus on developing independence and self-reliance. For example, swimming. There is no better place for girls to develop their swimming than in the stimulating atmosphere at Camp Ak-O-Mak. Many can encounter the delight of swim practice under the heat of the summer sun, surrounded by a stunning landscape. It is a chance to set free from the daily routine and develop personal goals. This shows leadership and freedom, which are important.

Biking can be force driven and push one to get a good workout at an Ontario all girls sports camp. It is a sport that develops discipline. It is great if you want to focus on yourself and clear your mind. You’re not relying on anyone else and this shows independence. By continuously working out this creates positive energy and endorphins.  In addition, being placed in a different environment allows you to be more focused and it changes your perspective and outlook. If you’re looking for a place to expand your connection with yourself, an Ontario all girls sports camp is the perfect place. No distractions, and who knows you might actually have fun and meet some interesting people while developing self-reliance for yourself.

Leadership and Development Learned Through Camp Activities

By trying different kinds of sports this allows girls to develop trust within themselves. Girls will be able to build self-confidence, and independence because once they get over the fear of trying something new this will allow them to want to try new things. This is something that isn’t taught but learned. The whole idea of going to camp on your own and getting away from your family can inevitably be scary, but at the same time can build independence. Parents will be impressed and take pride in this type of development and independence for their daughter.

It is good practice for the future and learning to grow up into one’s unique self. Starting this type of independence at a young age is definitely important as it is crucial for proper growth. Putting young girls in activities will allow them to discover themselves and keep them busy and off the couch. Summer is a time to be well spent so why not spend it at Camp Ak-O-Mak engaging in activities has a way of allowing oneself to accomplish tasks. For example, the first day you may only be able to bike a certain distance. But then the next time you push yourself and you find you can go farther. This builds self-assurance, which is something that many girls lack. 

Check out our camp video here. 

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