Ontario All Girls Sports Camp

Camp Akomak, an Ontario All Girls Sports Camp, is all about building empowerment, character, and leadership through sports. Young women can enjoy lasting friendships at our all girls sports camp. We have many activities, to choose from.

At our Ontario all girls sports camp. girls can compete and learn the fundamentals of their sport. We have had 45 olympians train at our camp. Our athletes are trained by retired Olympians, who know what it takes to be a true champion. They inspire young women to become leaders, and learn true sportsmanship.

Our campers get to enjoy the wilderness trails, and scenic biking trails. We have fencing, archery, lacrosse, and biking.  Our Ontario all girls sports camp also has some fun filled activities, that make lasting memories for the girls. This is where friendships are born and made to last a lifetime.

>We even had a surprise visit by Prince William and Kate, who took a break to search for the Queen’s Crown Jewels. They came for the polo match. We don’t have any horses at Ontario all girls sport camp, so we improvised with a Piggy back Polo match! It was so much fun! 

To search for the Queen’s Crown Jewels, the camp is divided into four teams. Each team must make a team name, and fly the flag. These teams are required to present all the evidence in a dramatic performance. Its so fun to see what, the girls put together. Ontario all girls sports camp, not only builds character, it also builds and nurtures, creativity, and empowers young women to excel in their talents.

Our campers enjoy rich and flavorful home cooked style food in the lower level of our main house. We have a professional chef who is known for making flavorful food from scratch. At Ontario all girls sports camp we can accommodate most dietary restrictions. Fresh healthy fruit is available between meals.

As a parent if your looking for a fun place to send your daughter, register them for our camp. They can build real long lasting friendships, learn leadership, develop and harness their talents, in all girls environment. Ontario all girls sports camp has rustic cabins with bunk beds, hot showers, and we have a medical doctor and registered nurse on staff, 24 hours a day.

They can enjoy the beautiful Canadian wilderness. There is something about nature, that can inspire our girls. There is no electricity so the girls can get the true camping experience. Our Ontario all girls sports camp, is a great place to send your daughter this summer.

Our Ontario all girls sports camp will give your daughter beautiful memories, true friendships, and rich experiences she can take with her always. Competitive sports builds character, goal setting, and leadership and empowerment. This is not something you can find every day. Our amazing staff, activities, and camp grounds, make this a rich environment that nurtures talents your daughter may not have known she had.  Being away from electronic distractions, open the door for the mind and body to grow, together. When that happens, an exceptional character shines forth. This is what camp Akomak, an Ontario all girls sports camp Akomak is all about.

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak


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