Ontario Girls Cycling Camp

Camp Akomak is one of the top all-girls sports camps in Ontario. We focus on the competitive sports, while emphasizing leadership skills, goal-setting, and personal empowerment. As an Ontario girls cycling camp, the environment is truly ideal, with more than 2 dozen mountain bikes, personalized training, and sports programming that is unmatched in the province. We have 400 acres of wilderness terrain and endless kilometers of biking trails - a combination that is bound to challenge and satisfy every athlete.

Every camper has their own passion, and when it comes to cycling and biking, Camp Akomak fulfills that passion. Whether its bike racing or mountain biking, our instructors will provide the proper training to develop specific bike-handling skills, while enhancing overall personal fitness. Just like any other sport, our skills clinics and advanced training programs create an athlete who is focused on excellence.  And while not everyone is striving for podium success, individual motivation and inspiration are stimulated.

In any endeavor, nothing can compare with training from an experienced coach or instructor.  And at our Ontario girls cycling camp, we harness the athlete’s skill, ability, and persistence with consistent, comprehensive training. Camp Akomak has the equipment, facilities, and staff to satisfy every one of our girls, regardless of individual strength. We focus on technical ability and on personal talent, and believe that both are key to good training. For us, bike training is part of our overall integrated sports program.

Camp Akomak has an established reputation as one of Ontario’s most notable camps. As an all girl sports camp our programming goes well beyond the essentials of physical training. We emphasize leadership skills development; individual character building; goal setting; and personal empowerment. The atmosphere is competitive and the training regimen goes with it. Every camper, regardless of age, is exposed to a camp experience that motivates and inspires, while encouraging positive personal growth.

Camp Akomak staff is qualified, competent and professional. The facilities and training are unique when compared to other camps, and the camping experience is special. There are NO electronic distractions, NO computers, NO smart devices, and NO cell phones - and because of that, genuine personalities surface. Whether it’s cycling or biking (or any one of our 25 sports) the “all girl” camp environment is an integral part of our success.  Indeed, the girls do quite well without the influences of the opposite sex. 

We have more than 400 acres of territory at Camp Akomak. The camp is located lakeside, and includes acres of spectacular forests, wilderness, and wetlands. And although cycling and mountain biking are featured, there are countless other water and land sports in the program. The traditional camp experience is also part of the mix - campfire sing-a-longs; performance nights; and rustic cabins with traditional bunk beds. This is truly one of the best ways to appreciate the outdoors and nature’s wilderness!

Camp Akomak is where young women develop themselves without external pressures, and without being judged about athletic skills or body type. Our girls achieve their goals within a supportive and empowering framework, and for some, it might well be the first time.

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak


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