The Psychological Benefits of Attending an All Girls Summer Camp

Whether it’s home life or camp life, every parent wants the best possible environment for a child. And while health, happiness, and success might be commonalities, there’s much more to personal growth. Amongst other things, a child’s growth is also reliant on social development, problem-solving, and independent thinking – all of which are an integral part of overnight summer camp.

Overnight camp, and particularly an all-girls camp, brings together all of the necessary building blocks for optimal growth. It’s an ideal social environment; a perfect home-away-from-home; and an atmosphere that’s free from the typical urban distractions. Indeed, many psychologists agree that summer camp is a place where young women can thrive physically, creatively, and socially.

Child psychologists have long been expressing how important overnight camp can be for today’s younger generation. Best of all, the life benefits are long lasting:  from the group dynamics; to the natural environment; to simply having social fun. Campers also benefit from working alongside their peers, taking on personal responsibility, and gaining self-confidence and independence.

Beyond the structural education of school, and the moral education at home, overnight camp can be instrumental in planting the seeds for self-esteem and self-worth. For young women, the camp environment also allows them to enrich their interests and enhance their unique talents. In short, all of these elements serve to better prepare young women to be socially well-adjusted adults.

The benefits of an all girls’ summer camp go well beyond the offerings of athletics, sports, and the arts. In fact, there’s probably no better place to develop socially than amongst your close peers.

  • It’s the ultimate setting to measurably build personal confidence and self-esteem
  • It’s an atmosphere where less much emphasis is placed on personal appearances
  • It’s a supportive social environment that generates positivity and encouragement
  • It’s an ideal physical setting where the issues sensitive to women can be explored
  • It’s a summer camp experience that supports and encourages positive role models

At Camp Akomak, all of the above are merged into an experience that shapes personal character and fosters individual empowerment. Primarily through sports, leadership skills are nurtured, along with a competitive spirit, and the inspiration of positive role models. This is where young women build meaningful personal friendships and relationships for many years to come.

Summer camp also provides an opportunity to develop positive relationships with adults, like the camp staff, the sports trainers, and even camper’s parents. And when it comes to athletics, team sports can actually improve what the professionals call “psychological resilience”. Essentially, it’s the idea of being part of a group that incorporates teammates, coaches, and supportive fans.

Probably most important, and most long lasting, are the transformative benefits of camp. For the young women, their life experiences will unfold, along with their self-confidence and self-esteem. In other words, these young women are more “emotionally durable” in their personal lives. The supportive environment is simply inspiring. It’s the ideal place to nurture body, mind, and soul.

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