Why Should You Send Your Girl to Sports Camp at a Young Age

When school starts to wind down in the spring, your daughter will need a new activity to keep her occupied, fit and having fun in the Summer. You may be thinking about a Summer vacation to explore a different country or visit your cottage. If that’s the case, have you ever thought of sending your daughter to a sports camp? Sports camps offer girls the opportunity to be active every day with sports activities, make life-long friendships, be exposed to role models and counsellors, and build character. Let’s explore the benefits of why you should send your daughter to sports camp at a young age in further detail.

At Ak-O-Mak, a sports camp designed solely for young girls, our main focus is to train girls to become their best. Our camp has hosted competitive swimmers and top athletes internationaly and Canada. Ak-O-Mak is highly renowned for their dedication to sports, as some of their campers have gone on to become professional athletes and partake in the Olympic games.

Ak-O-Mak sports camp focuses on competitive swimming, triathlon, running, biking, tennis, field hockey and more. Our sports camp offers a variety of programs for the girls throughout their stay, and also trains them to be the best competitor and swimmer they can be.

Some of the benefits of sending your daughter to a sports camp like Ak-O-Mak include making lifelong friendships and future teammates. These girls will learn to compete with and against each other, teaching them the best sportsmanship techniques out there. Plus, the memories and friendships established at sport camps can last a lifetime.

Our sports camp doesn’t just help to build friendships- it also builds character and discipline. Ak-O-Mak follows a daily schedule with their campers, ensuring that the girls eat nutritious meals, train with daily activities, and have fun. These type of character building opportunities at sports camps will instill life-long lessons that our campers take away with them to their future endeavors. Ak-O-Mak sports camp also provides grounds for a training regime that the girls can continue throughout the year once the Summer is over.

The Ak-O-Mak sports camp also provides campers with some of the best trainers and counsellors out there. Our staff connect with their campers, and offers guidance, support and prove to be true role models throughout the Summer.

If you’re thinking of sending your daughter to a sports camp this summer, consider sending her to Ak-O-Mak sports camp. At Ak-O-Mak sports camp, our campers experience a meaningful Summer full of healthy activities, great friends and counselors. The level of athleticism for your daughter can be accommodated within our various programs.  At Ak-O-Mak sports camp, we welcome swimmers of all levels, be it beginner or a professional competitor. That said, at sports camp, campers tend to improve throughout the Summer and come out with higher levels of athleticism than how they came in. Ak-O-Mak sports camp welcomes a diversity of athletes that are willing to improve their athletic ability and capability, at any type of skill level. For more information on our sports camp and Ak-O-Mak’s programs, visit our website. Feel free to give us a call at (416) 427-3171  with any questions you may have, and get excited about the amazing Summer your daughter will have at one of Canada’s leading sports camps.

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