Start Preparing Now for Camp Akomak's Summer Sports Camp

True enough, it’s not too early to start planning and preparing for Camp Akomak. Getting ready early for Canada’s premier girls’ sports camp will make for a stress-free experience right up to departure time. And while new campers will have a different focus than returning campers, the basics are similar for everyone. What’s most important is to get excited month after month.

Familiarity with summer camp, especially for new campers, is ideal for “breaking the ice”. Camp Akomak’s website, video gallery, and camper comments can provide a vivid idea of camp life. And for parents, the more they know about camp, the easier it is to send off their camper.

Parents can also take advantage of camp orientation meetings, and any “pre-camp” visits that may be available. Talking one-on-one with camp staff is one of the most valuable options. This is where outstanding questions can be asked, and more personal insights can be garnered.

For the most part, packing lists are easily available - with suggestions on everything from water shoes, to sunscreen, to sports gear. At the same time, it’s better to leave some things at home - like money, jewelry, or other valuables that could be lost and broken during the summer.

Camp Akomak is all about nature, so leaving technology at home is requisite. This means no cell phones, no digital tablets, and no music players. And although this may seem extreme at first, the “unplugged” environment will have far more to offer the girls over the course of camp.

Like any communal situation, it’s good to prevent clothes and belongings from getting mixed up or potentially lost. This is where iron-on labels are ideal for clothes, equipment, and personal belongings. This is also where a permanent marker or nail polish can do a good job.

For campers who take medication for allergies or other health conditions, labeling and dosage instructions are essential. It’s also necessary to advise camp staff of any special needs, and to be completely straightforward about any physical or mental issues that should be known.  

Getting excited about camp is one of the most positive aspects of preparing. Parents can easily boost this excitement by having their child participate in the packing, and taking responsibility for the packing checklist. Getting involved at every step is actually empowering.

Preparing for camp is more than just packing stuff away. It’s also about discussing expectations for the summer, setting goals, and looking forward to all the fun. And at Camp Akomak it’s also about participating in various sports and excelling in one of the favorites.

As preparation advances, and summer camp gets closer, it’s a good idea to check out the camp daily schedule (available on the Camp Akomak website). This familiarity generates some added excitement, and may even allow the camper to fine tune some plans and goals.

Sports camp is a life changing experience for most. And at a specialty girls’ camp like Akomak, the benefits are long lasting – girls of all ages are inspired and empowered from day one.

Let The Games Begin!

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