The best choice for a summer bike camp in Ontario

Not all bike camps are the same. In Ontario, one of the very best choices for a summer bike camp is Camp Akomak. Essentially, we are an all-girls sports camp, with a bike-training component that is motivational and challenging at the same time.  We believe that more bike riding means better riding, and with a training program that is comprehensive, our riders get better and better. Our summer bike camp is part of an overall sports program that promotes individual talent and empowers campers to achieve their fullest potential.

As an established bike camp, Akomak has a fabulous training ground, with 400 acres of terrain, boundless kilometers of trails, and more than two dozen mountain bikes. Camp is located right on the lake, surrounded by forest, wetland, and wilderness – it’s an ideal setting for a bike camp, and for the kind of professional training that we offer. Camp Akomak is truly a premier sports camp.  We operate an all-girl program, with a coaching philosophy that is focused on competitive training, goal setting, and personal development.

We are clearly not an average bike camp. Our campers are challenged to perform at the maximum. And we foster personal empowerment and character building in everything we do. Bike camp is only one of about two-dozen sports offerings at Akomak.  As for our all-girl camp environment, it’s quite integral to our way of thinking - the girls develop personal skills and strengths without any influences from the opposite sex.  We focus less on skill levels and body types, and allow each camper to grow in an atmosphere free of insecurity.

The staff at our summer bike camp is trained and professional, and bike training is part of an overall camp experience. With a wide range of land and water sports, our coaches demonstrate that success is about hard work and effort – in short, everything can be achieved. At Akomak, bike camp and bike training, just like canoeing and swimming, is about rising above personal limitations. And whether our camper is into bike racing or mountain biking, superior training will enhance bike-handling skills and improve personal fitness.

There’s nothing like training from a skilled, experienced coach, and our summer bike camp is no exception. Our instructors focus on technical abilities with a consistent and intensive training regime. And, of course, Akomak’s summer bike camp is designed for girls. We highlight the serious side of training and instruction, but we have not forgotten that camp is also FUN. When the day is done, we gather round the campfire, we have live performance evenings, and we encourage personal relationships to develop and grow.

As for camp life, electronic distractions aren’t allowed at our summer bike camp. Without the influences of TV, computers, or cell phones, we allow for authentic personalities to emerge.  Our cabins are maintained beautifully; we provide traditional bunk beds; and best of all – there’s NO electricity! Meals are nutritious, home cooked, with various options for those with dietary restrictions. For one of the best camp experiences ever, it’s Camp Akomak.

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Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak


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