Things Your Daughter Might Need at Camp That No One's Told You About

If this is your daughter's first summer at camp, then you might be wondering if you’ve missed packing anything that’s important. As a parent, it’s natural for you to be concerned if you’ve helped her pack all of the essentials for the summer. So, here’s a short list of those things your daughter might need (and you've likely not heard about).  

1. Ziploc Bags

Your daughter is going to a summer camp with children of her age. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing her favorite polka dot socks (or visor, or gray sweatshirt) has ruined by water or, frankly, children of her age! Don't let that happen to her! Pack everything in a Ziploc bags, especially items that are not waterproof. Separate her belongings into main categories and pack accordingly. Ziploc bags will not only protect your kids' favorite items, but will also make items much easier to find in what can be a somewhat disorganized trunk.  While you are at it, leave the extra bags at the base of the trunk so that she can help to organize her friends. 

2. Water Shoes for Water Activities

Our summer camp is located near a huge body of water ? there will be a lot of water activities, regardless what sports your daughter focuses. While water shoes are not mandatory, they will definitely be beneficial. The shoes will help to protect her from getting injuries and minor scratches when walking in the water. 

3. Write a Welcoming Letter (And Tuck It Into Her Trunk)

The best thing that could prepare a new camper is an extensive encouraging letter from her parents! Write your daughter a supportive and warm letter to remind her that you are proud that she is pushing her comfortable limits. Make sure that she will find the letter once she gets to camp so that she will be encouraged at the beginning of the program.

4. Bright and Durable Headlamp

Your daughter's summer camp program will go on for the entire day. This means that she might be out in the wilderness after the sunset. Although she will explore everything with her group and within a safe environment, a bright and shockproof headlamp will help her and her tired legs find their way back to her bunk.  

5. Sunscreen and Aloe Vera

Fortunately, your daughter will spend her days outside.  And, fortunately, the sun is going to be blazing.  Remind her to always use sunscreen and wear a hat to prevent sunburn; however, if she forgets or the sun gets too hot, pack sun coolant solution like Aloe Vera to help her skin heal and cool down.

Of course there might be other items that you might want to prepare for your daughter's upcoming summer camp, but these 5 items are crucial and might not be mentioned anywhere else. Camp Ak-O-Mak is the world's first all-girls swimming and summer camp. We commit to strengthening young girls' fitness and character through various sports and team activities in the open wilderness. If you are interested in enrolling your daughter in one of our many programs, feel free to contact us by phone at 416-427-3171 or by email at

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