Hi Dianne, I wanted to share this piece of fun / good news with you, and I hope you can pass it on to Jocelyn. My daughter attended Ak-O-Mak for the final 2 week session last summer and did her school speech on Jocelyn and her very inspiring story.  She won for her grade 7 class, and today won for her whole school.  She now gets to present the speech at the City of Toronto finals.  This is just one example of how Ak-O-Mak and all the wonderful coaches and counselors have such a positive impact on our daughters.  Many thanks to Ak-O-Mak and many thanks to Jocelyn!

Hi Dianne, Thank you for providing Jessica with a wonderful camp experience again this summer. She is looking forward to next summer already. 

Hi Dianne, I wanted to tell you how very grateful I am for all you've done over the years with the girls, but particularly this year with Anna. She spends most of her time in her sister's shadow and you guys gave her the opportunity to really shine on her own, while having the comfort of knowing that her sister was still around if she needed her.

Hi Dianne, You've all built a truely amazing place for girls to learn values and how to grow into wonderful young women, and for that I can't thank you enough. There are so many challenges these girls face; it's really nice to know they can go to camp to have this time and influence from such great role models. Please pass my gratitude to the other counselors, as well as Catherine and Jocelyn. Have a great winter!! See you next year. Lisa

Dear Dianne: By the way, Megan had a great time and RAVED about the food… Though she noted that because the menu is now “healthy “, there were lots of vegetables and no grilled cheese sandwiches etc.. :)… She also said one of the chefs has a Facebook page, but she couldn’t remember the name of the chef... Can you tell me ?? We are always looking for new ideas/recipes .  Thx and all the best until next year.

Louise, Thanks again for giving the girls such an amazing experience.  They've grown so much in the past two weeks. Amy

Thank you for letting us know. Katie was even more thrilled with camp this yearr than last.  She would love to do more than the 2 weeks, but it interferes with the Canadian swim championships. Thank you very much for the great job you all do. She wore her Ak-O-Mak cycling jersey proudly today on our family road ride. Katie's Mother

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