We had our first earlybird of the 3 week session this morning and everyone seemed to enjoy it! The girls chose between road biking, mountain biking, running or swimming. After earlybird everyone headed to breakfast nice and hungry and enjoyed bagels, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. After inspection we all headed out for a full morning of classes! It was a windy day but very sunny so everyone enjoyed their classes of yoga, mountain biking, soccer, sailing and of course swimming, yay! For afternoon activities we started Team Comp! The theme for this session is video games, so Ak-O-Mak has been called to help rescue some counsellors that have been sucked into the gaming world! The campers have to complete various levels to help save the counsellors. Everyone got to work right away making a team name, flag and skit. After Team Comp there was a choice period of yoga, softball, ultimate Frisbee and soccer. To end off the afternoon we all had a chance to cool off in the lake during open waterfront. After a wonderful dinner of fish and chips we all went on to the backfield to play Capture the Flag! We divided the camps into 4 teams and everyone had a shot at stealing the other teams flags. It was a very busy but great day!